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To fight the COVID-19 Virus and Recover your business/Studying /Working, Find a Suitable Cheap Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard/Shield for supermarkets, Coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, Grocery Stores, Salons, & Retailers.

  • Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard Protective Shield – Effective against droplets from sneezing or coughing. The sneeze guards are 24″ Wide and 30” High. Please measure each surface for the best fit possible.
  • CUTOUT 16” Wide x 30” Tall – Easily collect money and give customers items while protected.
  • Made of 1/5”(5 MM) thick Acrylic (protective film needs to be removed before use). Designed to limit contact and exposure with people or guests from airborne droplet containments.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly: a 3-piece design for quick setup without tools and hardware
  • Protects Workers & Customers: Used in Nail Salon, Hair salon, Schools, Day Spas, Hotel Lobbies, Grocery Store Checkout Areas, Reception Areas, Desk Areas, and Countertops.

Acrylic Protective Shield

Clear Acrylic Counter Shield

Clear Acrylic Counter Shield

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