Acrylic Cake Stand

The Clear Cake Stand is perfect for hors d’oeuvres, petit fours, or many 2″ cupcakes. Serving a delectable selection of treats on this sturdy dessert stand makes an eye-catching centerpiece while optimizing table space at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and corporate meetings.

Acrylic Cake Stand

Acrylic Cake Stand

Available Thickness of Clear Acrylic Cake Stand:

  • 4mm
  • 4.5mm
  • Other thickness as your request.

Available Tiers&Size of Clear Acrylic Wedding Cake Stand:

  • 2 Tiers,10cm+15cm
  • 3 Tiers,10cm+15cm+20cm
  • 4 Tiers,10cm+15cm+20cm+25cm
  • 5 Tiers,10cm+15cm+20cm+25cm+30cm
  • 6 Tiers,10cm+15cm+20cm+25cm+30cm+35cm
  • 7 Tiers,10cm+15cm+20cm+25cm+30cm+35cm+40cm
  • Other Tiers and size could be customized as your request.

Available Shape of Acrylic Cake Stand:

  • Round Shaped Clear Acrylic Cake Stand
  • Square Shaped Clear Acrylic Cake Stand
  • Heart Shaped Clear Acrylic Cake Stand
  • Other shaped Clear Acrylic Cake Stand could be customized as your request.

Clear Acrylic Cake Stand

This elegant clear acrylic cake stand widely used for displaying cake for wedding,birthday or other party.

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